I Love Kids

I love kids!!!

These are some shots quickly selected from a recent birthday party… more pictures to come…

If you wonder what I have been doing…

1. hibernating

2. just sold one of my favourite lens: the Panasonic Lumix 20mm F1.7 lens

3. from fiddling with my Fuji X10 to fiddling the Ricoh GXR and GRD3… and now happy with my GRD3 for daily random recordings (with the 21mm attachment of course…)

4. haven’t been touching micro four thirds for a while, happier with smaller sensors like the X10/GRD and the larger digital sensors, and above all… larger films.

5. sorting out my past works

6. teaching private lessons

7. doing selective portraits

8. a little tired of street photography

9. thinking

10. loving people

Live a day at a time, live it to your best, love the people around you. Thank you friends!

Superboy fears me…

I love this shot I took during an event a couple of days ago. It’s one of those moments which passes in seconds. I am contemplating whether I should shave my beard unless it grows white and I grow as fat (and adorable) as Santa. The recent tan I got from my beach holidays might have contributed to my “scary” look. Well, on the bright side, I think most kids and babies love me cause I have that love for them oozing out of me (I think… haha).

But kids are cute and adorable (on pictures) whether they are crying or laughing. The shot is not “perfect” with the maid standing behind but she does seem to be an authoritative figure standing and watching silently behind. In portrait photography, an expressive moment caught outlaws all compositional rules we were taught sometimes.

Enjoy life! Go catch that moment!

Rafferty Boy

A very cute boy

A very cute boy

Hope this picture cheer you guys up out there in this gloomy world – Michael Jackson died, swine flu, economy down, Malaysia’s political situation, more-and-more-“photographers” charging cheaper, nasi kandar still so expensive, sucky photographers winning awards(subjective), everything getting more expensive(except for digital SLRs), poor getting poorer, more and more babies being thrown away, homeless not fed and dying, children being sold to prostitution daily, etc, etc… never-ending human rights violations. Let’s all not forget life is not just about ourselves.

Rumah Kids 2 Opening Ceremony

Are we aware that there are many children without a home, without a family, without the love of mum and dad? They are just around us, near us, everyday, unnoticed, living their lives daily not knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow. To know how you can help, click here.

Rumah Kids 2 is the second home set up after Rumah Kids 1. There’s about 20 children in Rumah Kids 2 today. Today is the opening ceremony. It’s in an urban neighbourhood in USJ1 Subang Jaya, where we could be spending at The Summit, often forgetting that a home just near us needs our help. Time, talent or treasure… I’m sure we all have at least one of them to give. Agree?