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Cheap Photography

Photography NEED not be complicated and expensive. I just need a plastic toy camera and some basic knowledge in exposure. Total investment: less than RM300. These are from my simplest camera. Just 2 apertures, 1 shutter speed, zone-focusing. No digital fiddly menus!

Photography is MORE than just expensive equipment, cracking-sharpness, F1.4 bokeh, high digital ISO, 9 frames per sec… I am taking a break from them all!

Garlands Seller

Fortune Teller

Bloody Torn Arms
A Biker's Stare
No Haggling!
Taxi Driver
Old Bus
The Street-shooters
Heaven's Cat

Urban Landscapes, Kuala Lumpur – Part 1

The following is a series of shots from one of my personal project titled “Urban Landscape”. Shots were all done entirely on one quiet Sunday morning. I hope to publish the whole series one day. This series is meant to show our often familiar surroundings in a different light – quiet, serene, yet empty. Do feel free to drop your personal interpretation in the comments column!

Litter Bug, Litter Truck and the Unsung Heroes

Litter Bugs' Doing - Common scene in Malaysia
Photographed with a toy camera. Litter Bugs' Doing - Common scene in Malaysia
Cleaners who start work while we are sleeping, cleaning up our rubbish
Cleaners who start work while we are sleeping, cleaning up our rubbish

LET US ALL APPRECIATE THEM! Before we conveniently drop a tissue or throw some used parking ticket on the floor, let us remember the unsung heroes who wake up before the sun rises each day, cleaning up our rubbish. Let’s be reminded to have some self-respect, and remember our basic social responsibilities.

Street 12 May 2009 – Part 1

Many more hidden in my closet.. tons.. I believe I’m gonna smell fixer (since today’s stop bath is ordorless) continuously for 14 days, not to mention the color slides, digital files, etc. But, I AM LOVING IT!

Birds flying off building
Quiet motel entrance
Duck specialty advertisement and menu
Dirty fan off an old ceiling
abstract map on the ground
morning walk
Biggest Aircon Compressor I've ever seen
Biggest Aircon Compressors I've ever seen
View of a food stall's kitchen
Man feeding pigeons
Man feeding pigeons
Old cars still work the same. They bring you from point A to point B too.
See the man?
Stall outside temple. See the man behind?