Father’s Day Portrait Promotion

Father’s Day is coming on the 17 June, I am launching a promotional portrait session for all fathers here! For RM200, you will receive a studio session which includes one framed portrait free. For more information, please contact me at or call me at +6012 636 2128. Promotion ends 30 June 2012.


Happy Mother’s Day Promotion!

Sometimes, good stuff comes last minute… I suddenly feel like giving a promotion… A Studio Portrait, 8 x 10 inches, framed with wood and glass for Mothers for only RM200 for the 1st 8 customers who book the portrait session with me! Valid only on May 12 (Sat) and May 13 (Sun).  OFFER Extended till 31 May 2012!!!

To ALL the mothers in the world, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! Your sacrifices are beyond what words could describe!

studio portrait done in my studio

New Studio

Portrait of an Artist

I have recently shifted my studio to a landed property, a link house. My studio size has shrunk by half but I am happy with my new setup. I am also happy to be working more privately in my own little space, a good place for thoughts, for sorting out my mess, and an ideal place to serve my clientele in my preferred homely and private manner. As such, my new studio is only open to my clients and not to the public. Stay tuned as I gradually update my portfolio in this website. I thank all of you who love my works and who supports me.


As of 1 June 2011, I have resigned from Olympus Malaysia as their ambassador/trainer/spokesperson. I have served them since Year 2009. For all the Olympus fans out there, you can still keep in touch with me via Facebook, my Blogs, emails, etc. I’ll still answer your questions like usual. Though I think I have always been quite balanced in presenting my views about Olympus cameras, you can be more certain now that I am not biased towards Olympus since I no longer have any obligation to Olympus Malaysia. I am never a fanboy of any brands. I am a true blooded “fanboy” of Photography. My preference still goes to Film Photography.

I shall still teach like usual, except that you’ll have to contact me direct. DCPW (David Chua Photography Workshops) still continues. My style has always been Private, Low Profile and Personal. If you are interested in my works or workshops, do contact me personally. I am easily reachable online.

To ALL my students who have been continually supportive, Thank You Very Much! Keep in touch!

My Crappy Photo Diary

Photography is not just an art to me. It’s also a daily record of things I see or sometimes, a representation of what I feel on a certain day. Instead of stressing up myself to put up only the best shots worth for gallery, I have started another blog just to put up daily shots from my daily digital cameras (well, maybe sometimes, film shots if I manage to get them processed and scanned on the same day). This blog should also satisfy those who are curious about different cameras.

Check it out HERE.

A FB Letter from Poland…

With my friends from work, we started a small website ( independent service), which aims to popularize the PEN cameras in Poland. Poland is a country divided photographically Nikon and Canon, we know that the Olympus Pen cameras, it’s cool and want to share it others.
In Europe it is difficult to find photographers who have working cameras PEN.
Would you like to share, with a few words about the work of PEN cameras. This text with your pictures would be very helped our cause “hearing PEN popularization in Poland.
Of course, we will post a link to your website.
We are waiting for a response
Thank you and greetings.

PENowiec team”


“In digital photography technology, due to the 2 major big brands, we have often forgotten the legendary history of Olympus in making cameras and lenses. Just to remind some of you who might have forgotten, Olympus pioneered SSWC dust reduction, Live View in DSLRs, and it’s legendary in-body I.S. These are apart from the legendary OM-1, XA, PEN F which they have created in the old days. Zuiko is commonly known as Japanese Leica due to it’s optics quality.

As for the digital PEN, it reminds us of the history of the old film PEN cameras, when more than 17 million were sold in the world during 1960s-70s. This NEW digital PEN we are seeing here is potentially rocking the world today. Since the E-P1, we have seen marked improvements to it’s high ISO performance. We already have very smooth and yet detailed ISO1600 files since the E-PL1. AF is also remarkably improved in the NEW MSC lenses.

In the development of digital photography, the PEN focuses on actual image-production straight out of camera, which contains rich characteristics of the Zuiko lenses and the Olympus image processor. Unlike common digital files which often require photo-editing software to further enhance them, Olympus gives SOOC stunning images! The Olympus cameras retain it’s original “digital characteristics” unlike other RAW files which are usually edited with SIMILAR software, resulting in SIMILAR characteristics.

The PEN is a piece of revolutionary equipment producing DSLR quality images with a small body and small lenses. It also has become a source of unlimited fun with almost limitless type of legacy lenses mounting on it via adapters, making unique old school film-look images.

If you can achieve high quality images with a small and easy-to-use interchangeable lens camera, the focus will naturally shift towards creative image-making instead of “using” the camera itself!

There is NO better way to improve your creativity than using a Simpler Camera like the PEN!

Thank you.

P.S. Feel free to use my images with CREDIT given back to my website. You can download the higher res files from my Flickr. We are also educating the Malaysians about the PEN via blogs, flickr groups and many other activities. Maybe one day, we can organise a exchange program when you guys come over for a trip and we go over to Poland for a visit too! Cheers!

Warmest Regards,
david chua.”

It’s GREAT to meet other PEN Lovers from another continent!!!

Sneak Peek: Olympus E-PL2 and XZ-1

I am very fortunate to be selected to help Olympus Malaysia launch the Olympus PEN E-PL2 and Professional Compact Digital XZ-1. Today, at 1100hrs local Malaysia time, these 2 NEW cameras are launched worldwide. Having tested the cameras over a 10 day period, I have quite a number of shots taken around Malaysia and I must say this: Olympus is gonna have an exciting 2011! This is a sneak peek. I shall be posting more detailed reviews of the two cameras very soon.

Olympus PEN E-PL2, image shot with XZ-1, converted B&W.

Olympus XZ-1, image taken with E-PL2, converted to B&W.

SOOC image by E-PL2, Dramatic Tone Art Filter.

Taken with XZ-1, ISO1600, F2.5, at 112mm, mind you... It's a COMPACT Point and Shoot!!!

Photography Workshop in Sabah

Info: E-PL1, 9-18mm at 9mm, ISO1600, F4, 1/25sec.

As a last minute reminder to all who haven’t sign up for the workshop held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on this Saturday 18 Sep… Do sign up with Olympus Malaysia.

This workshop is organized by Olympus BUT it’s not restricted to Olympus users. It is a comprehensive photography workshop for ALL enthusiasts who wish to build good foundational knowledge in handling DSLR, improve in composition and evolve from snap-shooting to making ART with your camera.

Most of all, it is priced Affordable for ALL to sign up as Olympus has subsidized heavily on it’s expenses.

Click on the following link to retrieve the form. If you have problems signing up, you can contact me at +6012-636 2128.


Info: E-PL1, 9-18mm at 9mm, ISO1600, F4, 1/15sec.

Penang Photography Workshop

Last Call for sign-ups. This is an Olympus Workshop BUT is open to all. Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax and whatever brand users ALL are Welcomed! Please click on this facebook link for more info… or contact me. This workshop is for beginners to serious amateurs. I’ll be teaching not just the foundational techniques BUT on artistic composition as well. The most fun part will be a practical shooting session outdoors and a “harsh” Open Photo-critique Session. Do join us if you can! It’s gonna be fun! The KL guys experienced it.

Upcoming Olympus Talks and Workshops

Just some info on where to catch me in case you are not following Olympus Malaysia’s Facebook.

1. In 2 days’ time, I’ll be speaking at the 1-Utama Shopping Centre MPH bookstore, click HERE to find out more. This is for people who are interested in the PEN and those who need questions on which camera to buy to begin in photography. There will be PEN sets for loan to try out.

2. 8 MORE DAYS to sign up! The second Olympus workshop in 2010 is targeted at the PEN users, BUT all can join. Canon and Nikon users are encouraged to join too to discover the PEN and also for an enriching session of Pasar Malam Street Shoot with a Photo Critique Session (if weather permits). Click HERE to find out more.

As for those up North in Malaysia, keep 9 Aug FREE as there will be a workshop in Penang. More details will be updated in Olympus Facebook Page soon.