Rafferty Boy

A very cute boy

A very cute boy

Hope this picture cheer you guys up out there in this gloomy world – Michael Jackson died, swine flu, economy down, Malaysia’s political situation, more-and-more-“photographers” charging cheaper, nasi kandar still so expensive, sucky photographers winning awards(subjective), everything getting more expensive(except for digital SLRs), poor getting poorer, more and more babies being thrown away, homeless not fed and dying, children being sold to prostitution daily, etc, etc… never-ending human rights violations. Let’s all not forget life is not just about ourselves.

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  1. pei yuh

    July 16, 2009

    I like this picture, it make me forget those negative news or things happen around us. Just simple things can make little kids happy and laugh.

  2. Is that Jonah when he was young? 🙂

  3. His name is Rafferty.

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