I conduct private one to one or up to four students lessons for now. In this way, I can monitor my students’ performance better. Please contact me for more info. Larger private classes can be arranged on a case by case basis. I place top priority on students’ performance.

Current courses available are :

1. Basic Photography – from nothing to something. Students start as early as from being guided what to buy to start an enriching hobby in photography. The end of 4 lessons should make you achieve pictures that you are proud to show to your friends, relatives and online.

2. Film Photography – exploring and re-discovering the joy of film photography that digital cameras cannot give!

3. Wedding Photojournalism – start a career OR get a breakthrough in your spirit of wedding photojournalism with real and effective techniques. Learn effective technical knowledge which helps you achieve a consistent result, and most importantly, the art of seeing and capturing.

I prefer to teach in small groups of 2 to maximum 4 persons.

For more information, call me at +6012-636 2128 or write to

Students’ works will be updated on this page from time to time… do bookmark us.

The following is a photoblog that belongs to one of my first batch of students from our basic course. Check this out!

Lizzie’s World

Courses available are:
1. Basic Digital Photography.

Course covers selecting cameras, camera functions, all manual settings, exposure and metering, learning to see light, previsualization, basic zone system, composition, art of seeing, dealing with extreme light situations, practical field trips and critiques, etc. Objective: to create art from self-expression, not just taking ordinary photographs.

2. Film Photography.

Appreciating the traditional way of making photographs. Course structure is customized based on students’ interest level and area of interest(color/B&W/slides).

3. Intermediate to Advanced Courses.

Getting more than skin-deep into photography, getting into specialization like studio photography, wedding photojournalism and etc. Learning to produce results like a pro, discovering individual styles.

Do feel free to call me for an appointment at 012-636 2128.
I usually meet my students before I start teaching them. I don’t teach in big groups currently. The maximum number of students per class is 4.

david chua.