Happiness in Simple Things

Kids in Rumah Juara

This was a birthday party in Rumah Juara, a home for kids without one. And that is the empty box of the birthday cake we brought, which then became their toy.

If you would like to give them some love, do contact them here: http://www.gladtidings.my/lcs/

Ex-Super Boy

Without beard it probably helped… (I shaved it off recently)… hehe… if you remember my previous post HERE, this is the same boy I see this year… NO MORE FEARS!

But now, as I look back at my previous shot… reading back my post… I realized I can’t find “the hidden maid” in the picture…. my hair stood up… I shivered in fear for a few moments… LOL.

I Love Kids

I love kids!!!

These are some shots quickly selected from a recent birthday party… more pictures to come…

If you wonder what I have been doing…

1. hibernating

2. just sold one of my favourite lens: the Panasonic Lumix 20mm F1.7 lens

3. from fiddling with my Fuji X10 to fiddling the Ricoh GXR and GRD3… and now happy with my GRD3 for daily random recordings (with the 21mm attachment of course…)

4. haven’t been touching micro four thirds for a while, happier with smaller sensors like the X10/GRD and the larger digital sensors, and above all… larger films.

5. sorting out my past works

6. teaching private lessons

7. doing selective portraits

8. a little tired of street photography

9. thinking

10. loving people

Live a day at a time, live it to your best, love the people around you. Thank you friends!

Superboy fears me…

I love this shot I took during an event a couple of days ago. It’s one of those moments which passes in seconds. I am contemplating whether I should shave my beard unless it grows white and I grow as fat (and adorable) as Santa. The recent tan I got from my beach holidays might have contributed to my “scary” look. Well, on the bright side, I think most kids and babies love me cause I have that love for them oozing out of me (I think… haha).

But kids are cute and adorable (on pictures) whether they are crying or laughing. The shot is not “perfect” with the maid standing behind but she does seem to be an authoritative figure standing and watching silently behind. In portrait photography, an expressive moment caught outlaws all compositional rules we were taught sometimes.

Enjoy life! Go catch that moment!

Life is Imperfect . 111010

Medium Format Film


Because film is imperfect. Film is coated with a layer of chemical emulsion that can be easily scratched or finger-printed by human. Loading a roll of film requires human touch. Unloading a roll of film also requires human touch. In fact, the whole process of developing a roll of film, whether it’s by the lab or D.I.Y. requires human touch.

Unlike in digital, pixels are often perfect. Technology advances toward perfection. We have perfectly clean ISO6400 today. We also have super-sharp digital images, perfect white balance, and Photoshop to perfect our images further. Yet, so many software are trying to introduce “film flaws” back into digital photography via plug-ins, photo filters, etc. It’s ironic!

I love film because film is imperfect. It reminds me that life is imperfect. It reminds me to accept what I cannot change.

A friend in Facebook recently wrote: ” Life is not always a bed of roses. Will you allow your unhappiness to overwhelm you or will you try to find a ray of sunshine through the seemingly dark skies? It is all a matter of choice.”

My comment was, “To enjoy the fragrance, softness n beauty of roses, we need to accept the thorns too.”

What’s roses without thorns anyway? It creates depth of field. Hahaha…


It’s Baby Alysha’s Birthday Again!

Oh yeah.. she’s no longer a baby. She’s 3 this year. I have been a photographer for this family for years and it all started with her parents’ wedding years ago. Pics of her birthday party last year is HERE. Here are the some of my favourite pictures this year. For all those who are interested to hire me as your photographer and wish to view full sets of portfolio, it’s all available. Just contact me via phone or email  😉


In Awe!

Dreamy Baby Girl




Beautiful Hair!

Happy Family!

Piggy Back

Thinking... ...


Newborn Baby Megan

Don’t you just love babies?

First Passport Photo... haha...

First Passport Photo... haha...

Cute Megan

Cute Megan

Little Fingers

Little Fingers

Little Feet

Little Feet

Baby Crying

Baby Crying

Nice Pose

Nice Pose

Crying Loudly... ...

Crying Loudly... ...

My eyes are open now. That's me. "Hey! Who's this man with beard disturbing me?"

My eyes are open now. That's me. "Hey! Who's this man with beard disturbing me?"

Olympus really does produces excellent skin tones! Babies, babies… … We were all once like this!