Studio Portrait . 291010

From the Archives:

As I look through my archives, I find more and more of my past works “unacceptable”. I think I have grown much more fussy and picky and difficult to live with. LOL…

My Supportive Wife . 191010

done on 4 x 5 B&W negative.

Photography as an ART is emotional! You photograph what moves you. You photograph that which makes your blood rush inside you. You photograph that which makes the pores of your skin tingles. You photograph what drives you. You photograph what you MOST love.

If you love something or someone, you will photograph it/him/her.

At least, that’s my belief.

When you have problem pointing your camera at someone real close to you in your life, it shows some relationship struggles/entanglements/problems you need to confront. Well, at least that’s for me.

Photography NOT just helps me discover about my surroundings BUT helps me discover about myself. I thank God for photography. He speaks to me in photography.

There is no substitute for the person I love and respect in the above photograph. Not ever.

Life is Imperfect . 111010

Medium Format Film


Because film is imperfect. Film is coated with a layer of chemical emulsion that can be easily scratched or finger-printed by human. Loading a roll of film requires human touch. Unloading a roll of film also requires human touch. In fact, the whole process of developing a roll of film, whether it’s by the lab or D.I.Y. requires human touch.

Unlike in digital, pixels are often perfect. Technology advances toward perfection. We have perfectly clean ISO6400 today. We also have super-sharp digital images, perfect white balance, and Photoshop to perfect our images further. Yet, so many software are trying to introduce “film flaws” back into digital photography via plug-ins, photo filters, etc. It’s ironic!

I love film because film is imperfect. It reminds me that life is imperfect. It reminds me to accept what I cannot change.

A friend in Facebook recently wrote: ” Life is not always a bed of roses. Will you allow your unhappiness to overwhelm you or will you try to find a ray of sunshine through the seemingly dark skies? It is all a matter of choice.”

My comment was, “To enjoy the fragrance, softness n beauty of roses, we need to accept the thorns too.”

What’s roses without thorns anyway? It creates depth of field. Hahaha…