New Studio

Portrait of an Artist

I have recently shifted my studio to a landed property, a link house. My studio size has shrunk by half but I am happy with my new setup. I am also happy to be working more privately in my own little space, a good place for thoughts, for sorting out my mess, and an ideal place to serve my clientele in my preferred homely and private manner. As such, my new studio is only open to my clients and not to the public. Stay tuned as I gradually update my portfolio in this website. I thank all of you who love my works and who supports me.

Baby Emma

I like things raw and real, when they are in their most truthful state. It’s probably unusual to many when the unreal, the “photoshopped”, the “beautiful” are what the world is after generally. I see beauty in true honesty, transparency and originality.

The Fashion Shot which never went published

Olympus E-PL1 Fashion Shot which never went published

I guess the taste of Olympus Malaysia’s marketing team and mine are like two different ends of the world. I am such a stubborn fellow in holding on to what I want, and often am very sure of what I like, which makes me a “difficult artist” to get along with. Now, I am tasting real freedom after quitting from Olympus Malaysia as ambassador… and shall keep my spirit FREE! I shall be spending more time and energy in the craft of photography… not talk.

Natural Poser

This is a recent shot from a dinner I was photographing. Most kids are natural posers. It’s interesting to see how a person’s self-confidence gets diminished as he/she grows up to be an adult. The most difficult people to photograph are people with no self-confidence. Beauty starts from the inside, not outside.

A Personal Portrait

Aging Gloriously

I love to photograph people as they are, in total unawareness (or at least it seems to me) of a camera pointing at them. The expressions are priceless to me. Most people just look different when they look at a camera lens pointing at them. We live in a culture which taught us to “pose” for the camera. Too often times during photography sessions, I hear parents calling out to their kids to say “cheese”. We need to be taught to observe the natural, to catch the priceless moment, to “respect” the ambience.

The trick in good portrait photography is staying quiet. Many things can’t be taught and it has to be caught. The gut feeling of pressing the shutter is one of them.


The unspeakable joy of a mother and her baby! No amount of words can express!

I have not been writing much as I have been quite reclusive. So sorry, everyone. I hope you’ll still stay with me through my journey in life, watching me grow as a person, as a photographer, as a teacher, and maybe as a friend as well. I thank all of you who has been motivating or correcting me through your comments both in facebook and in my blogs. I’ll do my best to share what I know as much as I can.

Happy Belated Mothers’ Day to ALL you mothers out there!!! You have the special calling which we men will never have. And you experience the unspeakable joy from pregnancy to breastfeeding and watching your baby grow which we fathers will always feel that missing link between us and our baby. I did try making my baby suck my nipple but that didn’t work! Hahaha……..