1st Photography Workshop 2010

In partnership with Olympus Malaysia, I’ll be conducting my 1st workshop on 27 May 2010, Thursday evening. This is a comprehensive workshop organized by Olympus Malaysia and it’s open to both Olympus users and Non-Olympus users. Location will be at my studio in Petaling Jaya. The exciting thing about this workshop is we’ll all be going out for a Pasar Malam Night Shoot together and review the pictures after that! (If weather permits) This short 4-hour workshop is gonna cover the basic handling of your camera, practical shooting tips, basic artistic expressions and going beyond making ordinary pictures. I will also be answering all your questions and doing a photo critique. Charges are made very much affordable by Olympus. Please CLICK HERE for more information and to register.

Who Says You Can’t Shoot Streets With A Telephoto?

I hardly promote anyone in any of my posts and have never just write a post directly referring you to another blog post or source for reading. But here is ONE I think really deserves it!

I can’t help but to share with you how Robin, my friend has handled the Olympus 70-300mm F4-5.6 lens so well FOR STREET PHOTOGRAPHY! Mind you, it’s NO F2.8 super-professional-expensive-fast-nano-aspherical-weatherproof-whatever lens we are talking about here! Guys and gals, we ought to be ashamed of ourselves if we shoot crap with the Leicas or big Nikons/Canons/what-nought…

Photography is from the heart and from the heart comes the CONTENT! Junk IN-Junk OUT. Shame to all those who only know how to shoot F2.8 bokeh shots of pretty girls on the streets and call that street photography. I am no fan of those shots. I like COMPELLING IMAGES!


“Photograph Your Child” Talk on 8 May

A shot captured spontaneously in my everyday life

I have been invited by Olympus Malaysia to give a short talk on “Photographing Your Child” on this Saturday, 8 May 2010, 4pm at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur. So, do drop by if you are interested. For more details, please refer to the image below:

We are also having a photography booth for babies and children at the event from 7 to 9 May. Do look out for the Olympus Booth! Bring your child, or somebody else’s child… … hahaha… and enjoy a photography session with me! And don’t forget… there shall be some good deals on Olympus’s compacts and PENs too.

My Current Outlook on Life

I’m a professional photographer who believes in being a photo-enthusiast for as long as I live, to keep my innocent passion burning without being restricted by how much I earn from it and being caged by the world’s so-called standards.

New Course Details Updated

New course details are updated in our “Courses” page. For all interested, please check it out. Recently, I have just started the 3rd batch of basic class and 1st class on wedding photojournalism.

I Quit

1. I quit shooting weddings after weddings, which is what I have been doing for many years, no time to think of what I really want to achieve artistically, neglected many clients in my busy schedule which I feel bad till today.

2. I quit from the repeated routine of shooting weddings. Artists need to break their usual routine, that’s when they can breathe some fresh air, and mature in their thoughts and feelings, thereafter reflected in their works.

3. I quit following the world in believing being rich and famous is an essential. There are just too many things in life that money cannot buy.

To all who cares for me and love my works, don’t you worry. I still shoot weddings, just that I only shoot a certain number of weddings per year. 38 weddings per year is way too many for me. I am a part-time wedding photographer, freelance teacher, freelance editorial and non-profit community photographer now. I love training people, believe in effective personal training and mentoring, enjoy the sincere company of my few associates from 1 Avenue Photography.

Welcome to My Blog

hkg-loveI am a Singaporean photographer based in Singapore/Malaysia and am available for travel.

I am primarily a portrait and street photographer. My commissioned works include weddings, artistic/commercial portraits, editorials and other commercial assignments. I teach private photography lessons and conduct photography workshops as well.

I love images which are spontaneous, real and impossible to be re-captured.

To me, photography is an emotional process.