I Quit

1. I quit shooting weddings after weddings, which is what I have been doing for many years, no time to think of what I really want to achieve artistically, neglected many clients in my busy schedule which I feel bad till today.

2. I quit from the repeated routine of shooting weddings. Artists need to break their usual routine, that’s when they can breathe some fresh air, and mature in their thoughts and feelings, thereafter reflected in their works.

3. I quit following the world in believing being rich and famous is an essential. There are just too many things in life that money cannot buy.

To all who cares for me and love my works, don’t you worry. I still shoot weddings, just that I only shoot a certain number of weddings per year. 38 weddings per year is way too many for me. I am a part-time wedding photographer, freelance teacher, freelance editorial and non-profit community photographer now. I love training people, believe in effective personal training and mentoring, enjoy the sincere company of my few associates from 1 Avenue Photography.

4 thoughts

  1. A new begining for you bro. Great news.

  2. Evelyn

    May 5, 2009

    Dear David,

    Your first 2 points of ‘I Quit’ made me worry (bcz I have yet found my groom!!). Relief after I decided to finish reading the msg, just before I grab the phone and check up. Hahaha.

    By the way, unfortunately (or fortunately), we hardly spot a ‘homeless’ or some one really in need help here in Bintulu. I only saw one or two in the town once in a looong while. So, might couldn’t help much regarding this when you come to Bintulu in August.

    But as Priscilla told you, it’s International Kite Festival here during your visit, hopefully it could be a little cheer up la. (Priscilla laughs when I told her I plan to apply 4days off for her big day, as if it’s my wedding).


  3. Thanks Evelyn. Looking forward to fellowship with you all! The “help” I need shall come at the right time from above. I’ve gotten some so far. 🙂 Not to worry. Priscilla is so blessed to have you as her best friend!

  4. Evelyn

    May 27, 2009

    She (Priscilla) deserves it.

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