As of 1 June 2011, I have resigned from Olympus Malaysia as their ambassador/trainer/spokesperson. I have served them since Year 2009. For all the Olympus fans out there, you can still keep in touch with me via Facebook, my Blogs, emails, etc. I’ll still answer your questions like usual. Though I think I have always been quite balanced in presenting my views about Olympus cameras, you can be more certain now that I am not biased towards Olympus since I no longer have any obligation to Olympus Malaysia. I am never a fanboy of any brands. I am a true blooded “fanboy” of Photography. My preference still goes to Film Photography.

I shall still teach like usual, except that you’ll have to contact me direct. DCPW (David Chua Photography Workshops) still continues. My style has always been Private, Low Profile and Personal. If you are interested in my works or workshops, do contact me personally. I am easily reachable online.

To ALL my students who have been continually supportive, Thank You Very Much! Keep in touch!

6 thoughts

  1. So now you can start poisoning people with leica? 😀

  2. *Gasp*!!! what happened! 🙁

  3. KP, maybe Sony and Pentax too… hahaha…

  4. Denise, when your talents aren’t appreciated, you move on!

  5. All the best in your future undertaking. I don’t care u are in or out but since u r my photography sifu, I still disturb you when necessary .. okay. 🙂

  6. Go ahead and “disturb” me Yap Tzee Meng! Hahaha…

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