Cheap Photography

Photography NEED not be complicated and expensive. I just need a plastic toy camera and some basic knowledge in exposure. Total investment: less than RM300. These are from my simplest camera. Just 2 apertures, 1 shutter speed, zone-focusing. No digital fiddly menus!

Photography is MORE than just expensive equipment, cracking-sharpness, F1.4 bokeh, high digital ISO, 9 frames per sec… I am taking a break from them all!

Garlands Seller

Fortune Teller

Bloody Torn Arms

A Biker's Stare

No Haggling!

Taxi Driver

Old Bus

The Street-shooters

Heaven's Cat

3 thoughts

  1. Simon Leong

    August 5, 2010


  2. Very interesting Holga-photography! I also looking for simplicity but I recently determined that almost all cameras – never mind point and shoot or plastic toy – are too GOOD to make good pictures. Only way to achieve it is home made camera. By the way: do you know czech artist-photographer Miroslav Tichy? It’s real photography! Best regards.

  3. Thank you, Andrzej. There are so many types of toy cameras like Kodak Brownie, Agfa Isola… available in eBay cheap… using these takes us deeper into the process of making images rather than on “using the camera”, if you know what I mean…