My Simplest Camera… …

also my MOST favourite camera, the Holga. This is no NEW Holga, it’s been with me for more than 8 years.

Sometimes, All you ever NEED is a plastic lens on a black plastic box loaded with film. This IS the BEST Therapy ever! Shutter Therapy, as my blogger friend Robin calls it.

Have you ever thought of quitting photography? Yes, I do, in some ways… …

Sometimes I just feel so tired of looking at tons of digital images everywhere, especially online, and ONLY FEW can make me look at it for longer than a quick glance. For example, it makes me wonder why some bothers to shoot 10 shots of the same cat in a similar pose and post them all in flickr!?

In the current wedding industry, it’s common for couples to receive 12 sequential shots of a groom wearing his bow tie, and another 12 sequential shots of the parents covering the bride with her veil… … the list goes on and on…

I ever hired an assistant photographer who gave me just that! And editing his shots after the wedding is a real pain in the ass!

I wanna throw a question to all you guys out there… Do you seriously think photography standards have improved TODAY as compared to film days? Or to be MORE specific, do you seriously think wedding photography standards have improved in recent years due to the latest technology, the MOST intelligent cameras, the Nikon D3S, Canon 5Dmk2, etc. and etc… …???

So what if we can shoot smooth and silky jpegs at ISO25600 at 9 frames per sec?

4 thoughts

  1. I think I should write a book about Shutter Therapy. I think it might work LOL.

  2. Do you seriously think photography standards have improved TODAY as compared to film days?
    A very subtle answer to this question is written very clearly in you blog. LOL.

    Can everyone shoot artistic images??? With a camera like the PEN, almost! ~Quote David Chua~

  3. CW, good comment! My blog needs exactly more comments like this. 🙂

    Simple math:
    Old Days, 10 photographers produced 10 x 8by10inch Negatives each in a week, total 100 shots with 70-80 keepers… that’s 70-80% versus
    Today, 10 photographers produced 1000 digital shots each in a week, total 10.000 shots with maybe 700-800 keepers… that’s 7-8%.

    No doubt, digital invention produced a number of new experimental shots BUT still, based upon percentage in hit rates, we have far less conceptual shooters and far more mindless shooters than ever before. Even though there are great shots achieved today, it’s not great based on the low percentage in hit rate.

    Today’s cameras are much cleverer, more people can achieve artistic images, but it also does not mean today’s images are much better than old days. Good photography goes way beyond gears and gimmicks.

  4. Yalor. I get what u mean in a clearer way. EP-1 or any of the latest cameras does create a foretaste to those who are new in photography of achieving artistic results with the help of the latest high tech cameras. But it doesn’t sum up that the particular new comer in photography has already achieved the highest potential of photography.