Photography yesterday and today, what’s in for the future?

It’s amazing how photography has developed since the introduction of digital cameras. Respect for photographers has dropped tremendously over the years since digital has started to make photography “easier and easier”.

With the latest advanced technology in today’s DSLRs, more and more “photographers” arise, snapping thousands but choosing just a handful to put up in their blogs. Furthermore, images are tweaked(or repaired) using easily-available software. We are depending on “Chance-Shots” more than ever before!

It is no longer easy to judge a photographer’s real strength anymore since we hardly read the “whole book” (thousands and millions of multiple-shots) but only read that “few sentences” on websites and blogs. Talking about not to judge a book by it’s cover? (For my full set of proofs to read my “whole book” – click here).

Yesterday we took painstaking effort even in family snapshots, cause it’ll cost you a dollar or more if you make a mistake on film. Today, we snap away like nobody’s business leaving tons of trash images in our computer unedited, unseen for years. It’s time to really re-consider photography.

Art or Junk? Vision or Chance? Switch to your camera’s “continuous-shots mode” and click away non-stop like nobody’s business OR think, imagine, previsualize and feel before you shoot?

Digital shooters, it’s time to slow down and ask yourself who you really wanna be.

Slow Down!

Slow Down!


rushing, rushing...






Yesterday's snapshot

Yesterday's snapshot


Images from Michelle & Aravind’s Kampar Wedding.

2 thoughts

  1. Julian Morris

    April 7, 2009

    Hi Mr. Chua,

    Love your eye for art in your pictures…

    I have the same passion for photography and always go for the killer artistic shots instead of the same old generic “say cheese” or “1,2,” shots. But to the layperson, these shots are more like wasted films (back when films are all we had).

    Which is precisely why I was never chosen to be the photographer at any family functions.

    They say great minds think alike…so, when I get married, rest assured that I will personally give you an invitation to capture my once in a lifetime memories only the way you can. I will not trust anybody else with my pictures.

    Even your pictures of the orphaned children are artistic and memorable…. I wonder how many people never got it.

    Please give me your e-mail address or drop me a message at ( I would like to share a few pictures that I have taken and let me know what you think.

    Thank you.


    Julian Morris

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