The Negotiator . 141010

Shot on color negative. Wedding Photojournalism, Kuala Lumpur.

The beginning of “A Photo A Day” in this site started because of “No Idea How To Compile My Zillion of Works Done Through The Years” and the practical laziness of selecting more than 30 shots a day for an album. I’d rather spend more time shooting than anything else. That’s the imbalance in me.

Since the start of “A Photo A Day” in both of my blogs (blogspot as well), I have learned that posting a photo a day makes me think hard about that one particular shot over a 24 hour window. I begin to scrutinize it’s flaws and study how to do better. It makes me concentrate better on segregating my street photography and other works from my commercial works. The discipline of blogging daily in this style is keeping me sharp. It helps me avoid sloppiness. It helps in reinforcing my focus on doing what I love.