Litter Bug, Litter Truck and the Unsung Heroes

Litter Bugs' Doing - Common scene in Malaysia

Photographed with a toy camera. Litter Bugs' Doing - Common scene in Malaysia

Cleaners who start work while we are sleeping, cleaning up our rubbish

Cleaners who start work while we are sleeping, cleaning up our rubbish

LET US ALL APPRECIATE THEM! Before we conveniently drop a tissue or throw some used parking ticket on the floor, let us remember the unsung heroes who wake up before the sun rises each day, cleaning up our rubbish. Let’s be reminded to have some self-respect, and remember our basic social responsibilities.

Rushing Home

There’s no place better than home. Let us all remember the many homeless out there each day when we are travelling comfortably in our air-conditioned car. At the end of each passing day, it’s good to have some time to yourself, quiet and alone. Sometimes we work so hard for what we’re after and pass it without realizing it.


Rafferty Boy

A very cute boy

A very cute boy

Hope this picture cheer you guys up out there in this gloomy world – Michael Jackson died, swine flu, economy down, Malaysia’s political situation, more-and-more-“photographers” charging cheaper, nasi kandar still so expensive, sucky photographers winning awards(subjective), everything getting more expensive(except for digital SLRs), poor getting poorer, more and more babies being thrown away, homeless not fed and dying, children being sold to prostitution daily, etc, etc… never-ending human rights violations. Let’s all not forget life is not just about ourselves.

Street 12 May 2009 – Part 1

Many more hidden in my closet.. tons.. I believe I’m gonna smell fixer (since today’s stop bath is ordorless) continuously for 14 days, not to mention the color slides, digital files, etc. But, I AM LOVING IT!


Birds flying off building


Quiet motel entrance


Duck specialty advertisement and menu


Dirty fan off an old ceiling


abstract map on the ground


morning walk

Biggest Aircon Compressor I've ever seen

Biggest Aircon Compressors I've ever seen


View of a food stall's kitchen

Man feeding pigeons

Man feeding pigeons


Old cars still work the same. They bring you from point A to point B too.

See the man?

Stall outside temple. See the man behind?

Rumah Kids 2 Opening Ceremony

Are we aware that there are many children without a home, without a family, without the love of mum and dad? They are just around us, near us, everyday, unnoticed, living their lives daily not knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow. To know how you can help, click here.

Rumah Kids 2 is the second home set up after Rumah Kids 1. There’s about 20 children in Rumah Kids 2 today. Today is the opening ceremony. It’s in an urban neighbourhood in USJ1 Subang Jaya, where we could be spending at The Summit, often forgetting that a home just near us needs our help. Time, talent or treasure… I’m sure we all have at least one of them to give. Agree?

Blur is Beautiful

The following are some images from Michelle & Aravind’s wedding recently, a beautiful Indian wedding. Life is not always at F16 sharp all the time. We dream, our imaginations run, we all have a child in us who love to daydream and linger in our own little world at times… and my best time is when I’m on my potty.. ha ha 🙂


make-up kit


Family’s preparation for the wedding

preparation-I just love her eyes!

preparation-I just love her eyes!


details-one of my favourite shots

details-one of my favourite shots

Love-my favourite!

Love-my favourite!




I like the beard

I like the beard


The Ceremonial Walk

The Ceremonial Walk



Looking at the mirror

Looking at the mirror


Mum's Hug

Mum’s Hug