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My Favorite Favourite Favourite Song of All Times!!! Click Here and view the images at the same time.

When you are in love, you are in heaven. You forget all unhappy things. There’s no way anyone or anything can take that feeling away. Oh… how deeply I still love my wife after more than 12 years of marriage. Thank You, Lord!

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Urban Landscapes, Kuala Lumpur – Part 1

The following is a series of shots from one of my personal project titled “Urban Landscape”. Shots were all done entirely on one quiet Sunday morning. I hope to publish the whole series one day. This series is meant to show our often familiar surroundings in a different light – quiet, serene, yet empty. Do feel free to drop your personal interpretation in the comments column!

Images that last with no “expiry dates” attached

A meaningful way of introducing newly wed to their new family members

A meaningful way of introducing newly wed to their new family members

This is the start of a series of classic wedding images I intend to post, pictures I believe that can last forever with no expiry dates tagged, images not overdone with photoshop effects. Though they may not catch the common eye with a SHOCK, and make them crack their heads thinking, “how did he ever do that? what lens? strange effect. he must be really good!” My images are meant to show off as much as possible, the true essence and ambiance of the actual scene captured through my eyes and NOT to show off my equipment or my knowledge in photography gimmicks. I’d rather choose the path of faithfully creating real and honest photography. Well, that’s the direction I’m taking now.